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Agility and efficiency in operation, support and automation, process by process.

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in RPA

Continuous improvement and automation of the most varied business processes

  • RPA Coach
    Support and guidance in the automation journey, ensuring maximum value in operations.
  • Process Automation (RPA)
    Process automation through agile development and methodology.
    Monitoring, 24/7 support and optimizations.
  • Process Mapping (BPM)
    Building, organizing, and categorizing new or undocumented processes.
  • BPaaS
    Execution of business processes through robotic automation and process experts.

Meta Automation Center

Process-to-Process Digital Transformation in Enterprises

Meta Automation Center is an evolution of BPO that integrates and enables digital transformation focusing on how the work is done, process by process: from flows, traditional and routine manual tasks (bots), automated decisions based on business models to content management, with data collection and analysis.

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We keep up with market changes, maintaining updates for best practices and thus having even more expertise to accelerate the client’s Digital Transformation.

Advanced BPO provides the addition of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to support scalability and continuous improvement of services.

BPaaS for example, aggregates human execution and robotic technology to boost customer business areas.

Data Lake, Data Warehouse, DataOps

Ciência de dados

Web Analytics

Ícone RPA Transformar processos digitalmente

Soluções de BI

Engenharia, Arquitetura e Governança de Dados

Estratégia corporativa de dados (jornada data-driven)

Integração com soluções de startups investidas pela Meta Ventures

Implementação de Aceleradores (ML, IA, GPTs, LLMs)

Projetos de IA e Machine Learning

How the RPA COACH works?

For the creation and evolution of a roadmap, ensuring maximum value in executions, it is necessary to plan in scale, create an internal culture, and moreover, prioritize deliveries.

This is what the RPA COACH provides: identifying opportunities for improvement and aligning the demands of your digital strategy.

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