Digital Operations – AMS

The difference between discreet service and transparent work. Efficient support to not let you be annoyed by problems and get results.

Digital Operations – AMS: solving the root cause of the problem

A fully functioning system makes internal and external processes even more agile and efficient.

Our goal is to provide this quality of operation, with services focused on systems already implemented and management of new vendors, to increase the company’s productivity and reduce the number of calls.

To do this, our team is trained to work on the root cause of the problem and, therefore, find the proper solution and improve the performance indicators of your business.

Less unforeseen events, more results:
reducing impacts and gaining productivity

  • Ícone Pessoas


    Highly skilled technical team at the client’s disposal, always pursuing to improve performance.

  • Ícone Processos


    Full commitment to the business operation to capture information, in addition to active and active governance to ensure the best results.

  • Ícone Automação


    Continuous improvement of company-wide process flows and automation focused on improving the company and your business productivity.

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SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise - PCoE

Meta has a two-yearly basis certification by SAP, in addition to receiving audits that analyze excellence in customer service according to high service standards.

This important certification is obtained only by consultancies that maintain AMS (Application Management Services) processes, methodologies, and operations consultants, and also use management tools and technical support for project development.

in efficient management

We follow the guidelines from ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology, a set of best practices that optimizes and improves the quality of IT processes and services in an organization.

Our goal:

To generate gains and productivity to your business through a simple, intelligent management with maximum efficiency!

With 24/7 monitoring, we focus on activities of higher added value, preventing the occurrence of incidents.

This is how we guarantee proactive assistance to unforeseen systemic anomalies, preventing recurrence or the possibility of evolving to a large damage.

Imagem Nossa Meta

Meta's Digital Roadmap


Our AMS solutions are divided into cells and can be contracted as a package or individual solutions.

Incidents and claims

When the call needs more complex analysis or decisions about the corrections that should be adopted, the service is activated.

Problems and Improvements

Problem analysis based on recurrences and suggestions for improvement to generate performance gains for the business.

Value Stream

Here, we apply the company’s vision with the support service, helping to bring benefits to the business. We apply Value Stream to map the flow towards detailed process designs.

Imagem Value Stream

Benefits of efficient management

For us, transparency is essential. Next, we present actual numbers achieved by our customers. Seek a more efficient AMS operation yourself.

  • Ícone Gráfico 35% - 50%

    35% – 50%

    on cost

  • Ícone Gráfico 10% - 40%

    10% – 40%

    on ticket reduction

  • Ícone Gráfico 5% - 10%

    5% – 10%

    of productivity increase
    on yearly basis

Leverage your operation

Meta provides to a flexible and customized solutions that can be tailored to your way, according to your business needs and model. Therefore, together, we achieve better results towards the Digital Transformation for your company.

  • Service Desk (N1)

    We offer a flexible and adaptable service with a mission of maintaining your operation and minimizing IT impacts and failures.

  • Support SAP (N2 and N3)

    Application of best practices through our end-to-end structure, as well as the Run SAP methodology and control by the SAP Solution Manager (for AMS SAP).

  • Multi-platform Systems
    (N2 and N3)

    We also support your own systems, to improve internal troubleshooting.

  • Experts allocation management – Digital Managed Services

    Availability of specialized team to perform any services listed above, to improve the delivery of all operations.

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